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Karl W. Kime graduated summa cum laude from Loma Linda University in Southern California, majoring in religion and philosophy.  After receiving his bachelor’s degree, he entered a master’s program in philosophy of religion at Claremont Graduate University, a prestigious institution in Southern California that exclusively concentrates on graduate academic work.  After being accepted into the Claremont Ph.D. program In philosophy and completing almost all of the class and testing requirements, Karl decided to switch to a more practical field — law.  Mr. Kime has been practicing law for 32 years, primarily in various areas of litigation.  He earned his law degree from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1989, where he was a member of the prestigious UCLA Law Review for two years. After obtaining his law degree, he immediately entered practice with Morrison & Foerster, LLP, a large firm with offices across the globe.  Since then, he has practiced with firms in Los Angeles and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, in a wide variety of legal fields.  Here are just some of the areas in which he has developed expertise.

Employment Law

Karl’s initial concentration was in the field of employment law, including wrongful termination, harassment, age and gender discrimination, and wage and hour law, an area of employment law that has been growing rapidly over the last few decades.  If you are a company that has been sued by an employee or former employee for allegedly wrongful employment practices, Karl can bring his extensive knowledge and experience in this area to the task of defending you.  Karl has also brought actions against employers on behalf of employees with numerous favorable results.

Karl has also developed expertise in insurance law.  Insurance “coverage” cases are those that involve whether the insurance company will pay for the insured person’s or company’s loss.  If you’ve ever tried to read through an insurance policy, you know that they are written in very complex language, using terms that may have highly specialized meanings.  If you have been denied coverage for a claim, Karl can bring his decades of experience to fight for your right to have the insurance company pay for your loss.  Karl has done coverage work for “regular” people as well as large and small companies whose claims have been wrongfully denied.  

Insurance Law

Injury Law

 In addition to these areas of law, Karl has litigated widely in business law, contract drafting and review, lease disputes, and many categories of “torts,” both for plaintiffs and defendants.  A tort simply means a wrong that has been committed against someone who suffers injury or damage to the person’s body, property or both.  Torts include auto accidents, civil assault and battery, injuries that arise from exposure to toxic substances or defective products.  Karl has practiced tort law for decades and is experienced in helping those who have been injured.

While many people are familiar with the basic layout of the field of law, not everyone knows how many vital focus areas it encompasses.