Kime Law & Mediation, PLLC

Mediation in California and Idaho

Mr. Kime was trained as a mediator at the Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution at the Pepperdine University School of Law.  He received a 40-hour certificate in the area of “mediating the litigated case.”  Karl has salso taught negotiation and mediation to graduate students seeking MBAs and other business-related graduate degrees.  

Mediation is a procedure in which those involved in lawsuits come together, with their attorneys, before a neutral person who will facilitate discussions about the dispute with a view toward bringing the parties to the point of settling and resolving the dispute.  This eliminates the need for a trial and further litigation and discovery, which can be very expensive.  

Karl served on the state and federal court mediator panels while in Southern California.  Additionally, he has been hired by litigants to mediate their dispute outside the court system.  After his move to Idaho, he has been building a mediation practice.  Karl accepts mediation assignments in the many fields in which he has gained experience and expertise.  Family law is a specialized area in which Karl has not practiced and does not mediate, but he is available to be a mediator in many other areas of law in order to facilitate resolution or increase the parties’ understanding of each other’s positions and interests.

One of the most exciting areas available to lawyers (and even non-lawyers) is mediation. Pursuing a career in mediation can be highly rewarding, providing a professional with stimulating challenges and the ability to help people resolve their legal issues without going to trial.